On October 30, 2023, the partners of the U2SID project gathered for their Steering Committee Meeting, marking the completion of an important deliverable in the project’s journey, i.e., the approval of the Stakeholder Engagement and Sustainability Plan, alongside a detailed Stakeholders Database.

The SCiDEV Center, taking the lead on this task, was proud to present the comprehensive results of their dedicated work over the past months: the Stakeholder Engagement and Sustainability Plan, alongside a detailed Stakeholders Database. This achievement is the culmination of efforts by the SCiDEV team and with invaluable contributions from all U2SID partners.

During the U2SID Steering Committee Meeting on October 30, 2023, Brikene Dionizi set a productive tone with her opening remarks, introducing the agenda and the meeting’s core objectives. Blerjana Bino delivered a presentation on the Stakeholder Engagement and Sustainability Plan, presenting key objectives, strategies for stakeholder engagement, and the sustainability approach, with a notable emphasis on    stakeholder mapping across various sectors including Government, Business Community, Civil Society Organizations, and Media, accompanied by specific examples from Albania. Following this, the floor was opened for discussion by Dionizi, resulting in positive feedback from the steering committee and a unanimous decision to proceed with the plan as presented by SCiDEV. Dorina Gjipali subsequently presented a report on the project’s social media presence, detailing key findings and areas for improvement, particularly on the webpage platform, and emphasizing the need for ongoing monitoring to meet the target audience's evolving needs. The meeting concluded with unanimous approval of the Stakeholders Engagement and Sustainability Plan from all partners, including an email approval from the University of Montenegro, showcasing a collective commitment to the project’s success and a shared dedication to achieving its milestones.

The Stakeholder Engagement and Sustainability Plan lays out a clear and actionable roadmap for how we will interact and collaborate with our stakeholders throughout the life of the project. This plan ensures that every stakeholder’s role and potential contributions are acknowledged and maximized, fostering an environment of mutual benefit and cooperation. In tandem, the Stakeholders Database serves as a useful resource, housing detailed information on each stakeholder involved in U2SID. This database is not just a static list of contacts; it is a living document, designed to be updated and expanded as our project evolves and grows. This ensures that we have the necessary data at our fingertips to make informed decisions and maintain strong connections with our stakeholders. With the Steering Committee’s approval of both the plan and the database, we are now poised to move forward equipped with the tools and knowledge we need to navigate the complexities of stakeholder.

U2SID Stakeholders Engagement and Sustainability Plan