Project partner SCiDEV  launches the Digital Needs Assessment within the U2SID project. The team compiled the methodology and instruments, which will be used to gather data from students, lecturers, and stakeholders for the next two months. The findings of which will be compiled in a final report with recommendations which will be published on website and social media.

The objective of this assessment is to conduct an evaluation of the current state of digital literacies among lecturers and students in four partner universities of the U2SID project namely: University of Shkoder "Luigj Gurakuqi"University Fan.S.Noli, KorceMediterranean University of Albania  , and University of Montenegro. This study intends to identify gaps in knowledge, skills and infrastructure that may be hindering the effective use of digital tools and resources in teaching and learning environments in the universities involved in this project in Albania and Montenegro. The study also seeks to include diverse perspectives of stakeholders who are impacted by the digital literacies of lecturers and students. This input from groups such as administrative staff, IT personnel, policy makers and employers, will provide an understating of digital literacies needs, expectations, and the potential barriers to implementing digital literacies programs.

SCiDEV  methodology approach for this assessment on digital literacies is both quantitative as well as qualitative. The quantitative instruments of the research are online questionnaires for lecturers and students so they can self-report competencies in digital literacy, their habitual use of digital resources, and their needs for future support. The qualitative instruments are focus groups discussions organized by each partner with lecturers, students, and stakeholders. These discussions will inform us on experiences and specific circumstances that have shaped their use and understating of digital tools. The methodology and its instruments was designed to facilitate an understating of the subject in an academic context and inform with evidence the future activities to be implemented by the project partners such as the Digital Literacies Accelerator Programme and the Digital Transformation Challenge.

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