Project focus
The main goal of BLUE AIR project is enhancing institutional capacities of ADRION countries/regions in the definition of a common approach towards the implementation of the S3 policy on Blue Growth (BG) at macro-regional level. BLUE AIR intends to address proposed goal by focusing on the following specific objectives:
1)Improve the competences of the quadruple helix’s actors on Blue Growth;
2) Identify Blue Growth sectors of macro-regional interest and exploit potentials for transnational cooperation;
3) Support the development of a Macro-Regional S3 on Blue Growth in the Adriatic- Ionian area Objectives will be pursued by following set of activities aiming at defining the state of the art on BG in ADRION area and wider, establishing effective linkages between relevant quadruple helix’s actors and setting the basis of improved implementation of the BG policies in ADRION region.
The following results will be achieved:
• Reaching common understanding on the potential of transnational S3 on BG and fostering diffusion and uptake of innovation through the development of the Benchmark tool, Blue Growth EDP tool, Evaluation framework tool;
• Enhancement of skills of the stakeholders and involved parties by means of structured training, cross-fertilization, mutual learning and capitalization events;
• Improvement of the framework conditions through drafting Innovation strategy and carrying out Technology foresight;
• Identification of emerging market opportunities through the Action plan for Innovation investment and the technology forecast;
• Mobilization of innovation stakeholders to increase knowledge transfer between quadruple helix actors through implementation of EDP tool on selected number of regions;
• Better coordination of innovation policies and strategies at macro-regional level through. Establishment of Blue AIR innovation community.

Project main result:

BLUEAIR project contributes to achieve the programme result indicators and increase the capacity of key innovation actors to be concretely involved in transnational actions for the development of an integrated Innovation system for the Blue Growth.
Specifically, the BLUEAIR project activities will produce the following main results:
1) establishment of the Blue AIR innovation community;
2) Increase the knowledge of ADRION innovation actors in development of S3 in the field of BG;
3) development of a comprehensive set of S3 enabling tools;
4) development of an Innovation strategy on Blue Growth;
5) Action plan for Innovation investments and improvement on BG.

Through the identification of best practices on BG innovation policies and performance assessment, key areas of intervention will be selected, and a set of benchmarking and mutual learning tools will be implemented by means of cross-fertilization, learning and matchmaking events. The development of technical tools for the improvement of future regional/national S3, the macro-regional S3 analysis on BG, the technology foresight on BG in AIR programme area, the pilot EDP and the identification of best practices on BG will also contribute to the programme results. The project activities will positively impact on enhancing the institutional capacities of the quadruple helix innovation actors in defining a common joint approach towards the implementation of S3 policies on Blue Growth at macro-regional level. Moreover, IPA countries which are still defining their first S3, will strongly benefit from mutual learning processes and project tools aimed at the construction of a joint S3 on BG common for the A-I area. The establishment of the transnational Blue Air innovation community embracing BG actors from the whole ADRION area and beyond will further support the mutual collaboration and the commitment towards the adoption of a permanent transnational approach in the shaping of innovation policies on Blue Growth.

For more information: https://blueair.adrioninterreg.eu/