👉🏻 ” University- Innovation- Development” with the participation of the university professors, representatives from businesses , media , civil society and policy making.

In this roundtable participants discussed the perspective of the quadruple helix as a network of relationships, where public and private organizations interact in value-creating processes to transform various inputs into valuable outputs for themselves and others.

👉🏻The quadruple helix model can be seen as an enhancement of the triple helix perspective that not only focuses on the actors from academia, government, and industry, but also recognizes the increased role played by civil society and media.

In the #USIA project, the relationships (actors, resources and activities) are seen as the context that generates the conditions for creating value in a quadruple helix setting. The participants in the roundtable described the value-creating process as a series of activities performed and resources combined by different actors in order to achieve certain valuable outcomes, where value creation can be regarded as the essential purpose of different actors to engage in relationships.

🤝Before engaging in value-creating processes, #USIA project participants have expectations regarding future collaboration in order to accomplish certain valuable outcomes and objectives of the project.

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