The USIA partners organized the 3rd Steering Committee Meeting under WP9 Management and the leadership of theMediterranean University of Albania on 24th September 2021 via Zoom.
Project coordinators from each 11 partners participated in the 3rd Steering Committee Meeting discussing the achieved outputs and results for far in the #USIA project and planning the next steps ahead till the end of 2021.Work packages leaders – “Center Science and Innovation for Development, Universiteti Europian i Tiranës , University-of Belgrade , Center for Comparative and International Studies and UNIVERSITETI MESDHETAR I SHQIPERISE – presented detailed progress of the work done so far and plan of activities till the end of the year.
The project partners will soon meet in a regional workshop in Belgrade in October 20201 and three peer to peer workshops will be organized in Tirana, Durres and Shkodra as part of WP2.
Detailed instructions were provided once more to all partners about management, quality assurance and dissemination. Equipment purchases and establishment of USIA were also discussed in detail. The external evaluator also joined the meeting and presented the plan for project evaluation….