First workshop on exchange of experience in the USIA project was organized by the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia, in a period October 25-29.

The training was created with the aim of horizontal transfer of knowledge and experiences of professors, businessmen, representatives of the civil sector, science fund and media representatives from Serbia to colleagues from Albania.

On this occasion, the Faculty of Organizational Sciences was visited by representatives of Robert Bosch, guests from Brainz TV, representatives of the civil sector and the Center for Educational Policies, and the participants were addressed by Dr. Milica Đurić Jovićić, Director of the Science Fund of Serbia. Since the Faculty of Organizational Sciences was founded 50 years ago by representatives from the economy, it is undoubtedly the right address and support for the realization of this project.

All these years, FON has been building close cooperation with the economy and its mission and vision is not only to improve, modernize and research related to theoretical knowledge, but also to collect and transfer knowledge to the economy and vice versa.
FON also pointed out to its colleagues from Albania the importance of learning with the support and implementation of case studies, which face students with real challenges from the economy, and proudly emphasized the importance of BBICC – the world student competition in solving business case studies.


FON showed how a modern and contemporary faculty dealing with business and information technologies managed to respond to the demands of something called a modern entrepreneurial university, i.e. a faculty.
During the first day, participants from Albanian partners exchanged experiences and learning from the approach of University of Belgrade in strengthening entrepreneurial university, engaged university and Quadruple Helix and also learning from students about the links between university and business. On the second day, the workshop focused on the Third Mission of University and how to create Knowledge with Impact as well as communication of research to strengthen the impact of teaching and research. The third day was focused more on engaged university and cooperation with civil society. Participants from USIA partners from Albania worked on a joint workshop on how to develop stakeholders’ engagement for university to society collaborations.